Waste skip access COMFORT range

Simple access mobile aluminum platform for access in safety to waste skip. High resistance assembly by welding. Aluminum structure, particularly resistant against harshest weather conditions and maintenance free. Anti-slip ribbed aluminum steps for more safety. Spacious working platform with peripheral guardrail and baseboard allowing the operator to move easily and safely. For more security a safety gate can be added at the top of staircase. Swivel wheels with brake at the front and fixed wheels at the rear.

Load capacity 150 kg – 1 person.

3 417,204 171,90 Excl. taxes

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Reference Working height (mm)Platform height (mm)Platform width (mm)Platform length (mm)Number of steps Weight (Kg)
F801140018 3250125086010006 92,00
F801140017 3250125086020006 121,00
F801140014 3250125086030006 142,00