Tailored industrial products

FORTAL puts its know-how and expertise at your service to offer you tailored industrial products from small to large series.

Personalized solutions manufactured in medium or large series

Thanks to our solid industrial experience, we put at your disposal our know-how in the conception and manufacture of mechanically welded aluminum and steel assemblies in small, medium and large series. We offer you technical solutions that you regularly need, designed and manufactured for you, according to your specific requirements. Thanks to our adaptability, our integrated design office, our machine equipment (manufacturing, welding, assembling) and our design software at the leading of technology, we adapt ourselves to your requests to answer all your needs by offering you personalized, unique and innovative solutions.

We support you Thanks to our expertise (R&D departments, design office) and our design software. We define together the best solution suited to your needs.

We industrialize and manufacture your project thanks to our high-tech machinery.

We guarantee you the quality of our products ranging from a simple traceability marking to certification.

We develop a real partnership ensuring fluidity and reactivity in your supplies.

Examples of achievements

Scaffolding components

Achievements for the event industry

Mechanically welded solutions integrated on finished products