FORTAL is a benchmark reference in the design and manufacture of equipment providing safe access at height. Our aim is to ensure you benefit from our know-how in order to safeguard workers and prevent falls from height. FORTAL offers you a broad range of services adapted to all sectors of activity.

The products installation by our team

We dispose of our own assembly teams. We have the possibility to realize:
  • product assembly and installation
  • product maintenance
  • product repairs in our workshops or on site
Ladder with safety cages installation

The inspection and maintenance service for all your at height access equipment: Trankilis

Controlling your at height access equipments: a legal obligation!

As a manager, you are responsible for your workers’ safety. According to the Labour Laws, you must ensure all access at height equipment used by your employees is inspected at least once a year (L4 121-2 and R4323-99 of the French Labour Laws).

Trankilis: regular inspection of access equipment for work at height

As a benchmark in safe access for work at height, FORTAL proposes TRANKILIS, a service that efficiently protects your workers against falls from height. Through our service, we propose regular inspections of your at-height access solutions (ladders, step stools, stepladders, mobile scaffold towers, guardrails and platforms etc.) with the aim of maintaining your equipment in good working order. With Trankilis, you can rest assured that you are safeguarding your employees when they work at height.
Materiel controle acces hauteur
Service maintenance
Maintaining your at-height access equipment in good
Service Suivi
Detailed, precise monitoring of the state of all your equipment
Service gestion
Simplified data management through our computer interface
Service transparence
Transparency of all our operations


The realization of your configurations in a few clicks

Beyond our expertise in secure access systems at height, FORTAL provides you with a number of tools so that you can benefit from a broad range of services as our application “Quick quotation. “Quick quotation” allows you to create staircases, gangways, mobile stepladder or ladder with safety cages configurations. In just a few clicks, you can not only receive the plan, but also the description of your project with a quotation!
EPSON DSC picture

Scaffolding platforms rehabilitation

FORTAL offers the repair of your old scaffolding floors. Two solutions are available to you:
  • Solution N°1, we take care of everything! Disassembling your floors in our workshops, replacing panels and assembling.
  • Solution N°2, be self-contained thanks to our repair kits. Restore your scaffolding platforms yourself with the repairs kits designed by FORTAL.
Remise en état en réparation de vos planchers