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As a dynamic stakeholder in the local economy, FORTAL offers job opportunities to everyone, whatever their background, diploma and experience. Open-ended and fixed-term contracts, temporary employment, apprenticeships and internships are available.

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Starting off your career plan at FORTAL

Our strength lies in the diversity of skills and backgrounds of our team. Whatever your level of studies, your experience and your trade, what we’re interested in are your motivation, your know-how and especially your mind-set.

Training at FORTAL

At FORTAL, we firmly believe in the personal and professional development of our team members and each year allocate a budget to trainingapprenticeships and broadening skill-sets that exceeds the legal requirements. We welcome youngsters who are starting off their careers and people in retraining. When you start working for us, our experts act as your tutors to teach you the specific skills employed in our trades. Throughout your career at FORTAL, training courses, qualifications and promotions will be proposed to develop your skill-sets and attractiveness on the job market.

Contributing to FORTAL’s development

Our company is constantly developing and regularly invests in state-of-the-art design and production tools. These investments and team involvement target a two-fold aim – customer satisfaction and the company’s long-term success. Quality and on-going improvement are at the heart of our processes. Our community-based management approach means everyone has the opportunity of achieving their projects. Our wage policy underpins this development through:

  • 13th month pay,
  • incentives and profit-sharing,
  • seniority pay exceeding that stipulated in the collective bargaining agreement,
  • fair pay based on expertise and responsibilities with no gender discrimination,
  • gift vouchers, holiday vouchers and restaurant vouchers.

Professional Women - Men Equality Index

In application of the French law “AVENIR”, FORTAL publishes its Index in order to advance professional equality between women and men and end to wage inequalities in a reliable and motivating way for all.

  • Salary gap: incalculable , because the valid number of employees represents less than 40% of the total workforce.
  • Difference in rates of individual salary increments and promotions: 25/35 points.
  • Percentage of salary increase upon return from maternity: incalculable , because there were no cases in 2019.
  • Number of women in the 10 highest paid positions:0/10 points.

Total score: INCALCULABLE / 100

Living and working at FORTAL

Quality of Life at the Workplace is a priority within our company :

  • the working conditions are pleasant: employee car park, work environment set in the vineyards, easy access by road etc.
  • health, safety and ergonomics are top concerns: risk prevention policy, training, improvement of work stations, sports classes etc.
  • good balance between your private and professional life is encouraged: flexitime, compensatory time off (hours/days), the right to disconnect, etc.
  • company life in a friendly atmosphere: events organised by the Works Committee, summer party, Christmas party, company newsletter, etc.

Sustaining increased business activity at FORTAL

We regularly take on temporary workers as a back-up to cope with the increase in the workload which can be of long duration. You also benefit from the our training courses, integration into our teams and opportunities to join FORTAL on a long-term basis.