Waste skip access CLASSIC range

Simple access mobile aluminum platform for access in safety to waste skip. A safe and efficient tool: Convenient size for working in safety. Aluminum structure, particularly resistant against harshest weather conditions and maintenance free. Anti-slip ribbed aluminum steps and stabilizers for more safety. Spacious working platform with peripheral guardrail and baseboard allowing the operator to move easily and safely. For more security a safety gate can be added at the top of staircase. Swivel wheels with brake at the front and fixed wheels at the rear.
Repairable on site.

Load capacity 150 kg – 1 person.

2 587,903 535,80 Excl. taxes

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Reference Working height (mm)Platform height (mm)Platform width (mm)Platform length (mm)Number of steps Weight (Kg)
F809000300 3250125060030006 115
F809000200 3250125060020006 91
F809000100 3250125060010006 68