Simple access foldable platform, designed for intensive use for various works in construction and building industry. Aluminum structure (new profile 55 x 25 mm) strong, lightweight and with a better grip for improved working conditions. Easy to move due to its two non-loading wheels Ø 100 mm in working position (special construction industry requierment). Plywood working platform (thickness 9 mm), non-slip, replaceable and comfortable size: 413 x 479 mm with baseboard. Non-slip aluminium steps, depth 60 mm. Non-slip pads with an important ground contact surface for increased stability. When folded, the positioning of the telescopic stabilizers inside the platform protect themselves and reduces ground overcrowding. It simplifies handling and storage operations. Removable textile tool bag, replaceable. Available from 2 to 6 steps to serve working heights of 2.5 to 3.5 metres. Available in two versions: articulated guardrail with chain-type closure or articulated guardrail with double safety gate with automatic return closure for increased safety and working conditions.

Complies with standard NF P93-353.
Load Capacity: 150 kg – 1 person.
Delivered mounted and folded.

0,00733,00 Excl. taxes

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Reference Number of stepsPlatform height (mm)Working height (mm)GuardrailGround overcrowding stab. closedGround overcrowding stab. open Weight (Kg)
F090194006 615003500Articulated guardrail with double safety gate1661 x 5581661 x 1612 21,25
F090190006 615003500Articulated guardrail with chain1661 x 5581661 x 1612 20
F090194005 512503250Articulated guardrail with double safety gate1493 x 5581493 x 1684 19,95
F090190005 512503250Articulated guardrail with chain1493 x 5581493 x 1684 18,7
F090194004 410003000Articulated guardrail with double safety gate1325 x 5581325 x 1500 18,85
F090190004 410003000Articulated guardrail with chain1325 x 5581325 x 1500 17,6
F090194003 37502750Articulated guardrail with double safety gate1157 x 6551157 x 655 16,45
F090190003 37502750Articulated guardrail with chain1157 x 6551157 x 655 15,2
F090194002 25002500Articulated guardrail with double safety gate989 x 558989 x 558 13,55
F090190002 25002500Articulated guardrail with chain989 x 558989 x 558 12,3