Construction/public works

FORTAL plays an active role in preventing falls from height in the construction and public works sector. Our company is a stakeholder in safeguarding worksite operators.
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Operators working safely in construction and public works

Falls from height are an absolute hazard on worksites accounting for over 10% of occupational accidents. They rank second as the cause of deaths in France. At FORTAL, we specialise in designing and manufacturing safe equipment for access at height and dedicate our know-how to prevent falls from height in the construction and public works sector. Our company is deeply concerned by safety aspects and regularly invests in design and production equipment to meet the specific access constraints in the construction and public works sector.

Construction: structural work (construction, renovation and demolition of walls, roof frames, flooring etc. and finishing trades (electricity, plumbing, painting, tiling, maintenance etc.).

Public works: construction, maintenance and demolition of roads, tunnels, pipelines, bridges, dams etc.

Whether you wish to carry our structural operations or finishing work, we make access solutions in compliance with your specifications to meet our sole objective: to protect operators against falling from height. For several years now, we have been developing a broad range of standard access equipment specific to this particular sector. FORTAL has the expertise required to design and manufacture tailor-made access solutions. We can also supply bespoke products from one-off products to small and large-scale batches.

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